July 12th – 2020


The journey of the disciple of Jesus is to go beyond [the limits] to bring this good news. But there is another pathway for the disciple of Jesus: the inner journey, the path within, the path of the disciple who seeks the Lord every day, through prayer, in meditation. If the disciple does not continuously seek God in this way, the Gospel that he takes to others will be weak, watered down – a Gospel with no strength. If a disciple is not journeying to serve, there’s no reason for the journey. If his life is not for service, there is no point in living the Christian life [it: non serve, per vivere, come Cristiano]. But the true disciple is called to service to the other: “service to Jesus in the sick, the imprisoned, the hungry, those with no shirt on their back. Jesus wants this of us because He is to be found in them: “Service to Christ in others.”(Santa Marta, 11 June 2015)

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