Holy Name Church News

Mass is Celebrated on Wednesdays at 7:00 PM, Saturdays at 5:00 PM and Sundays at 11:00 AM

You must Pre-Register in order to attend Mass.  Please use the link below.

Office Hours

9:30 AM – 12:00 PM & 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Financial Standing, 2020 - Letter to Parishioners

We Broke Even in 2020!

Additionally, we were able to put $100,000 against the principle of the building loan.

Safety Volunteers

We are still looking for members for our Volunteer Team that implements the Safety Protocols for the celebration of Holy Mass.  
The Volunteer Team for Mass is comprised of the following: 

A Safety Coordinator:
This person coordinates the Mass Team Volunteers, ensuring roles are covered off, and fills in where required.


Point of Entry Persons:
This person greets parishioners as they arrive outside Holy Name Church for Mass, checks them against a pre-registration sign-up list and verifies they are healthy according to AHS guidelines.

This person is responsible for spraying parishioner’s hands with sanitizing solution as they enter the church and after they receive Holy Communion.

The Ushers seat people in the church, in an orderly fashion according to demarcated seating areas in the pews, ensuring social distancing.

The Lector leads the people in reading the Word of God.  The Lector ensures his/her hands are sanitized before and after reading the Word of God.

The Sacristan prepares the church for Mass, ensuring all vessels are sanitized before and after Mass.

Volunteering for Mass Teams does not take a lot of your time, and ensures that Holy Mass can be celebrated in a safe and meaningful manner.

Training will be provided.

If you feel you could help in any of these roles, please reply to volunteer@holynamecalgary.ca

Thank you in advance for considering being a Volunteer.


Envelopes:  January 17, 2021

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From the Calgary Diocese

Please keep in your Prayers


Jean Bartko

Deacon David Bentham

Jerome Bulanda

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Christiansen Family

Tracy Duerr

Giuseppina Franceschin

Noel Gaudet

Elaine Gerber

Meg Giesinger

Tom Grant

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Hugh Huck

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Carol Sinclair

Chris Sullivan

Johanna VanDenAkker

Fr. Dennis Vavrek

Irene Wahl

James Ambrose Walton

Krystina Wolny

Sachi Yamabe


Those who have died:  Hermiz Farman + and Bob Osborne +

Holy Name Cares

Our mission of providing for those in need in our community has not changed.  We continue to offer food assistance to anyone within the Holy Name Parish boundaries.  Calls for help are received daily and we have a dedicated team of volunteers who prepare food hampers for clients.  Grocery gift cards are also provided so clients can purchase perishable food items such as dairy items and produce.  Clients are eligible to receive up to 6 hampers/year.  They come to the parish to pick up their hampers.

This ministry continues to rely on your assistance through cash and food donations and through your gift of time.  We thank all parishioners who support us through the year – you are truly amazing!

Thank you to our parishioners and community members for your ongoing support of our emergency food pantry. We could not provide the services we do without the donations and prayer that we receive.

If you are aware of someone in need of emergency food support now or throughout the year, please have them call the Parish number and follow the instructions to leave a message for Holy Name Cares.