Holy Name Church News

Mass Schedule

Weekend Masses
Saturday – 5:00 PM
Sunday – 9:00 AM   11:00 AM   5:00 PM

Daily Mass
Tuesday – 9:00 AM
Wednesday – 7:00 PM followed by 30 minutes of Adoration
Thursday – 9:00 AM
Friday – 9:00 Am followed by 30 minutes of Adoration

Rosary at 8:30 AM on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

Reconciliation: Saturdays at 4:00 PM or by appointment

Parish Office Hours

9:00 AM to 12:00 PM and 1:00 – 4:00 PM

(closed over the lunch hour)

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Collection – March 12th, 2023

Parish Support



Building Fund



Holy Name Cares



Together in Action



Holy Name Church relies on your Sunday offerings for maintenance and growth. 

By making your donation, you are providing crucial support to care for your parish during this difficult time.             

Mortgage Payment: $16,329/month or $4,082/week

Diocesan Support: $4,021/month or $1,005/week

Together in Action: 2021 goal: $26,030 or $500/week

From the Calgary Diocese

Please keep in your Prayers

Jack Aloyius
Leslie Balsetich
Barry Biggs
Anna Chaban
Christiansen Family
Marty Cornett
Lorraine Fleming
Giuseppina Franceschin
Elaine Gerber
Tom Grant
Giorgio Grappolini
Donald Hall
Kenneth Hall
Mitchell Hewitt
Nancy Ann Hreiskevich
Grant Hutchinson
Cora-Lee Jones
Sharon Joseph
Lisamarie Kaltenbach
Marilyn Kitteringham
David Langlois Fr. Gilles LeBlanc
Brent Mainwood
Sylvia Marshall
Marie McCormic
Liz Mendonsa
Kim Muise
Faye Muscoby
Kimberly Noll
Rose Ooi
Darryl Ouano & Family
Greg Reimer
Susie Reimer
Patricia Ryan
Rhea Shea
Brad Sluiter
Johanna VanDenAkker
Nasha Wong
Veronica Wong
Sachi Yamabe