June 18th – 2020

Just Trust

Our lives are lightened by people we can trust. We need to trust so much in life. We know the great pain when our trust is shaken by people we thought we could trust -parents/ teachers/ religious superiors/ friends / employers and more. In the gospel today Jesus addresses that need in our lives. He encourages us to place our trust in those who care for us, and to trust in God, who does not want destruction but development; who wants peace among people in all sorts of ways. In what do we trust? Pagola writes: ‘some feel a need to consume more in order to feel secure; and seek a life of entertainment to forget their everyday problems’ (The Gospel According to Matthew p.106). Jesus tells us to trust in God, who would not harm even a hair of our head. He asks and urges us to be people who would not harm another. We are worthy of this care and love just by being created. Like a parent or grandparent or an aunt or uncle -totally loving a new child before the child is even seen, so God loves each of us. This is linked to the care of God: in this care and trust of each other we find the trust and care of God -given and received for ‘where there is love, there is God (1 John 3:7).


~ Fr. Donal Neary, SJ


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