Volunteering for Mass Safety Teams

The team of Volunteers is Critical in enabling the Mass to be celebrated at Holy Name Church

The Volunteer Team is made up of the following:

Point of Entry Persons:
This person greets parishioners as they arrive outside Holy Name Church for Mass, checks them against a pre-registration sign-up list and verifies they are healthy according to AHS guidelines.

This person is responsible for spraying parishioners hands with sanitizing solution as they enter the church and after they receive Holy Communion.

The Ushers seat people in the church, in an orderly fashion according to demarcated seating areas in the pews, ensuring social distancing.

Safety Coordinator:
This person coordinates all safety activities, and ensures the smooth and efficient operation of the team.

The Lector leads the people in reading the Word of God.  The Lector ensures his/her hands are sanitized before and after reading the Word of God.

The Sacristan prepares the church for Mass, ensuring all vessels are sanitized before and after Mass.

Volunteering for Mass Teams does not take a lot of your time, and ensures that Holy Mass can be celebrated in a safe and meaningful manner.

Training will be provided.

If you feel you could help in any of these roles, please reply to volunteer@holynamecalgary.ca, or call the Parish Office at 403-249-7764

Thank you in advance for considering being a Volunteer.

God Bless You.