Sacrifice for the prevention of the spread of illness is a radical act of love and life.

Moses’ instructions for people with leprosy resonate pretty strongly in the midst of a global pandemic. In the time of Jesus, if you had leprosy, you were required to separate yourself from others to prevent the disease from spreading. There was no cure. This meant permanent exile from your home and community.

It is not hard to see the parallel to the pandemic. If there are measures we can take to prevent the spread of the illness, we are asked to do so with reverence for the lives of others, even at great cost to ourselves. Jesus is bringing healing – through vaccination, through greater knowledge, through selfless healthcare workers and researchers, and through our efforts to prevent spread. May we embrace the sacrifices asked of us out of love for the gift of life.

God of love, you gave your life to free us from sin. Help us to embrace the sacrifices we make in wearing masks, staying home, getting vaccinated, and otherwise limiting our freedoms to stop the spread of COVID. May all of our efforts accelerate the healing needed to usher us back into life after the pandemic.

CCCB Reflection