First Eucharist Virtual Retreat

First Eucharist Family Retreat

You will need to take time to gather/ prepare these things:

  • Internet with a large screen—laptop or bigger. Does your phone communicate with your TV screen? That will be perfect!

  • A prayer table or sacred space.

Prayer space ideas here.

  • A special snack or small meal prepared and set aside for later.

  • Some paper or a notebook or journal and a pen. You only need one of these, as only one person will need to do writing for the whole family.

  • Silent fidgets (pipe cleaners, Legos, etc) for anyone who needs something to do to help them listen better.

  • Set aside about 70 minutes when all outside communications stop, when you are energized but calm. The whole family can participate in this at-home / online retreat, so long as everyone agrees to try their best to really enter into it and participate.

Virtual Retreat

  • Gather your family.

  • Light the candles on your prayer space.

  • Begin with the Lord’s prayer. Then thank God for calling you into this time with Him. (3 minutes)

  • Watch the lesson about Eucharist. (10 minutes)

  • As a family, share some ideas of how you would pray, what you can say to Jesus after receiving Him in Eucharist.

    • Somebody takes notes.

    • As a family, turn those ideas into a prayer. Practice praying it together. (15 minutes)

  • Watch the John Michael Talbot video (7 minutes)

  • Talk about: (10- 15 minutes)

  • What ideas stand out to you?

  • What did you learn that is new?

  • Open your bible.

Start with this prayer:

Holy Spirit God, let your living word be alive in each one of us. Show me a word that you want me to understand more deeply. Give us your divine life and freedom.


  • Read John 6: 48- 58 (5 minutes)

  • Say: We’ll let the word sink into our hearts. Sit for 3 minutes thinking about the word you read.

  • Read it again.

  • Discuss: What do you hear the Lord saying to you in this word? (5 minutes)

  • Thank God for speaking into your heart.

  • Listen to the music video again

  • Make the sign of the cross to end your prayer time.

  • Enjoy a meal or snack together.


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