We Live Through the Dying

Before we rejoice in the resurrection, we pause with the dying. We cry out, “Hosanna in the highest!” as the King whom we longed for rides in on a donkey. He has a crown, yet it is made of thorns. His body is laid in a tomb by those with the courage to stay by his side.

The readings recount how Christ became obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross. Because of his obedience, God greatly exalted him. Palm Sunday is our recognition of the King of Kings passing from this life through death to establish the new covenant of life. We anticipate the end of the story, but take the time to pause and remember that it is only through God’s timing and God’s grace that our relationship of life and love is restored.

In the space between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday, we wrap the wounds and console one another, keeping a glimmer of hope in our hearts. We hold each other and all our sorrows in that same supernatural hope. There will be a time for feasting, but for now, we live through the dying, precisely because this man, truly, is the Son of God.

Christ Jesus, we remember that you have shown us how the path of life includes dying. Give us the courage to accompany you and others into the tomb, that we will walk out together when you remove the stone.  Amen.

CCCB Reflection