Reflection for January 31st, 2021

Picture a young boy helping his dad lift a heavy object. He grunts and uses all his strength. Yet dad knows his son is contributing very little to the actual work. Dad is doing the real heavy lifting.

The rest that Jesus offers is portrayed as the sharing of a yoke. This paints the very same picture for us. It’s not that no work is being done. You don’t yoke animals together to simply hang out side by side! They are yoked to work.

When we are yoked with Jesus, our work is defined as rest. Why? Because Jesus is doing all the heavy pulling. He is bearing the real load. He is like the dad doing the heavy lifting.

This is the difference between working FOR God and working WITH God. When we work with God, Jesus carries the real weight. Our greatest effort is still rest because we are incapable of bearing the real load.

Lean into God’s strength when you face weights. He is there to help carry them.