Turning Back Reconnects Us to Life

We have begun the season of Advent, where we turn back to Jesus from wherever we have turned away throughout the year. Isaiah reveals that many of us throughout history have wondered why God lets us turn away, wander off, and harden our hearts: we are not alone! He also points out that we have craved big signs and wonders from God so that maybe we wouldn’t turn away. The Psalm echoes this longing: “Lord, make us turn to you; let us see your face and we shall be saved.” It is enough for us to want to turn and to ask for God’s help in doing it. It is okay to long to see God present. These longings draw us toward God and can open our eyes to see where He is at work around us. As we long to turn, or start turning, we open ourselves to a deeper connection to God, Source of all Life. Be mindful at the same time of those you know and love who are struggling to turn. It is a process that can be very difficult, especially when we are attached. We can turn ourselves back to Jesus, and pray that others will also have the grace to turn.

Coming Jesus, show yourself to us when we are most resistant to turning towards you. Help us to cling to our longing for you, that we might turn back quickly when we wander away from you. Give us love and hope for those we love who struggle to see you. May we turn back to life as often as we need to. Amen.