God calls us to faithful stewardship which brings life for all.

Both the woman in Proverbs 31 and the faithful steward in the Gospel remind us of God’s call to stewardship. Everything we have and are stems from God’s gift to us. We do not own ourselves, our land, our homes, our money or anything else.
We are stewards of God’s gifts. Faith asks us to treat all these gifts with reverence and to care for creation, for our people, and for ourselves as faithful stewards. In the second reading, Paul reminds the people at Thessalonica, and us, that nothing we steward will come with us when we die. So we are to care for the world without becoming attached to it. Most of us have some growing to do in that regard. What in my life
do I steward well, with open hands, and what have I become unhealthily attached to, feeling entitled or enslaved? What would it take to deepen my stewardship for the life-giving blessing of all?