October 2, 2020

The Holy Guardian Angels

Each person on earth has a guardian angel who watches over him and helps him to attain his salvation. It has been a common theological opinion that this angelical guardianship begins at the moment of birth; prior to this, the child would be protected by the mother’s guardian angel. But this is not certain, and since we now know that the soul is infused at the moment of conception, it may be that the angelic guardianship also begins at that moment. In any case, this protection continues throughout our whole life and ceases only when our probation on earth ends, namely, at the moment of death. Our guardian angel accompanies our soul to purgatory or heaven, and becomes our coheir in the heavenly kingdom.

October 4th – 2020

If you asked somebody to do something and they didn’t do it, you might give them a second chance. If they failed to do it the second, your patience might stretched bit. You just might ask them a third time. But if they failed the third time, you would definitely give up on them. Thankfully, our ways not God’s ways. God clearly has more patience with us than we have with ourselves and each other.