Abundant Life is both Belief and Right Action 

Most of us find it easier to talk about doing the right thing than actually to do it, and the readings affirm we are not alone in this tension! Being human makes us dependent on God’s mercy, as we are just as capable of vice as we are of virtue. Right here, in the midst of our humanity, Jesus asks us to be people who live faithfully and who are humble enough to turn around and choose again when we get it wrong. If we want abundant life, it is not a one-time decision and then a get-out-of-jail-free card. It is a lifetime of choosing the good, and choosing again when we fail.

This week, look for one place where God is asking you to choose again, or to examine whether and how your actions line up with your belief. Turn gently in the direction God is asking you to go.

Living Word, you have spoken life into being and walked among us. You have revealed to us a faith that is alive in our hearts and carried forward through the work of our hands. Help us receive the life you have promised both in our
convictions and the way we live.