God’s Life is Available to Us All

God’s life is available to us all – in the ways we each need it.  The Psalm is a comforting refrain when we hear it spoken to us: “The Lord is near to all who call on Him.”  But what about when it is spoken to someone we find hard to love?

The Gospel invites us to consider that God takes everyone’s side, and desires good for each of us according to our unique situations and needs.  When we look at the world through the divine lens, Isiah’s words are significant: “My ways are higher than your ways.”  God’s way is abundant life for everyone.

This week look for the places when you feel entitled to more (gifts, ease, grace) than your neighbours, or the places where you resist believing that God desires to bless you.  What can you do to participate in God’s nearness, for yourself and for others? 

Generous Giver, you have poured out life and grace in all things for all people.  Teach us to stop hoarding your gifts, and to choose to participate in your abundant generosity.  May we grow in our conviction that your grace is enough.  Amen.